The World Storytelling Cafe has just celebarated its first anniversay and what a year it has been! Described as 'a truly international project which was born in Marrakech, Morocco' this wonderful platform, hosted by John Rowe, soon became the virtual place for storytellers and audiences from around the world to meet and share stories.

I'm very lucky to have joined this wonderful community as one of their storytellers. So early one Friday evening in March I found myself telling stories for children. I quickly realised some of the children were a little long in the tooth i.e. grown up but they were definitely young at heart. I told some favourite tales where we pondered what we might wish for should we ever be lucky enough to catch a magic fish. Would we be brave or perhaps silly enough to kiss a frog? We even sent rabbit and tortoise off for a race, can you guess who won? I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the audience by all accounts. Click here to watch the stories.

I'm very excited that I'll be back with World Storytelling Cafe on Wednesday 30th June with my new show 'Any stories', details to follow,

Please do check out The World Storytelling Cafe, Whilst the last year has been a bit up and down, to say the least ,this wonderful community of storytellers and story lovers is definitley one of the ups!

April 2021

Gits, Goddesses and Giants

8pm, Wednesday 24th March

It all started with me trying to read a mesage on my phone about a wonderful book called 'Girls, Goddeses and Gaints' (it's a great book by the way). But in the blur of my eyesight I read it as 'Gits, Goddeses and Giants' and thought what a great name for a show. So here it is......

Join this marvellous bunch of storytellers for a magnificent night of stories. Perhps gits won't be greedy, goddesses may well be gorgeous but thats not the whole story and the giants? Well, the giants might not be gianormous. Wahtever happens, it's going to be a bloody brilliant evening, I mean look at the line up, Wendy Shearer, Hannah Brailsford, Olivia Armstrong, James Canvin and me!

Tickets £5 (suggested donation) from

Would be lovely to see you there.

Bedtime Stories in collaboration with Under One Sky

December 2020

Under One Sky, a charity based in South London, who work with refugee and asylum seeking children, commissioned me to record 10 audio bedtime stories. This turned out to be a bit trickier than it sounds; the children’s ages range from 5 – 11 years old, English isn’t their first language and they have experienced trauma. It’s hard to imagine what these children have been through. So, I needed to think carefully about the stories, some of my usual favourites just wouldn’t work, The Three Little Pigs having their houses blown away by the Big Bad Wolf, The Gingerbreadman being chased and then eaten just weren’t appropriate. So familiar stories were reworked with changes in settings, characters and events. Then the hunt for new stories began, which is always exciting.

I’m pleased to say I thoroughly enjoyed putting together these stories and learnt a lot in the process.

This project is also very close to my heart. I have personal experience of PTSD. What should be a quiet time before going to sleep is interrupted by thoughts you’ve blocked out all day. Listening to stories has helped me a lot. You see, stories are magical, they can provide comfort, take you on adventures and enable you to escape into other worlds.

These bedtime stories will give the children space to escape to new places, imagine all sorts of wonderful things and be children, experiences at the heart of the work of this charity.

If you’d like to check out the stories click here.

Wintery Tales Tuesday November 24th

What a wonderful night of Wintery Tales.

The stories started in the midst of a cruel Russian Winter as a brave girl tackled the North Wind, we moved onto a pastor’s wife flying on an unusual broomstick, then a stormy walk home from an inn where a tavelling  tree was found. After the interval the wisdom of knowing youth is lost on the young backfired spectacularly and finally we ended the evening with a tale to spread a little kindness. It was a treat of an evening.

Huge thank you to Sarah Lloyd Winder, Pyn Stockman, Hannah Brailsford and Wendy Shearer for your stories and to our lovely audience.

Audience feedback:

4/5 star review Sadie Takes The Stage

‘Tonight was magical’

‘Great gig guys!’


Tales of Wild Women, Thursday October 8th 

I was really rather chuffed to be invited back by Spinning Yarns Theatre to be part of this amazing group of bold women. Wendy Shearer, Suzanne Arnold, Emily Grazebrook, Pyn Stockman and I  joined forces for an absolutoey brilliant night of storytelling. In my tale, based on the story of the Prince and the Dressmaker, two friends painted Paris red, challenged judgements about gender and race and together found the courage to follow their dreams.

Thank you to Hannah Brailsford for organising another wonderful evening.

The brilliant Wandsworth Arts Fringe became virtual over the Summer and WAF in your living Room was born.

Watch my new show, Two Tales here

August 2020

I've had great fun building this website, here are a few photos I found along the way........

Wintry Tales 2019 3
Garden Gig
Stories in the back room